Januar 29

Il doppio fondo di Bitcoin porta a un forte rimbalzo

  • Bitcoin ha creato una candela giornaliera bullish engulfing.
  • È stato respinto dall’area di resistenza di 33.800 dollari.
  • BTC è probabilmente nell’onda C di una struttura correttiva A-B-C.

Il prezzo del Bitcoin (BTC) è rimbalzato significativamente il 28 gennaio, creando una candela engulfing rialzista e raggiungendo un massimo di 33.783 dollari.

Ci si aspetta che il Crypto Cash riprenda il suo movimento verso l’alto fino a raggiungere i 35.130 dollari.

Bitcoin si scontra con la resistenza

Bitcoin ha iniziato un considerevole movimento verso l’alto il 28 gennaio, creando una candela rialzista che ha completamente inghiottito la candela ribassista precedente. Questo ha anche completato un modello a doppio fondo rispetto ai minimi del 22 gennaio.

Tuttavia, il BTC è stato respinto dall’area di resistenza di 33.800 dollari (livello di ritracciamento 0,382 Fib). Se dovesse verificarsi un breakout, la prossima area di resistenza si troverebbe a 39.960 dollari.

Gli indicatori giornalieri sono fermamente ribassisti, mettendo in dubbio la possibilità di un breakout. Il grafico a sei ore mostra il modello a doppio fondo completato, che è stato combinato con una significativa divergenza rialzista nell’RSI e nel MACD.

Conteggio dell’onda di BTC

Il conteggio delle onde suggerisce che BTC si trova ora nell’onda C (mostrata in arancione qui sotto) di una struttura correttiva piatta A-B-C.

Il movimento verso l’alto che completa quest’onda dovrebbe terminare a:

  • $35.390 – Dando alle onde A:C un rapporto 1:1
  • $39.131 – Dando alle onde A:C un rapporto di 1:1,61

Il primo obiettivo si adatta anche alla linea di resistenza di un canale parallelo ascendente, quindi potrebbe essere leggermente più probabile che venga raggiunto. Il conteggio delle sotto-onde (nero) suggerisce che il BTC ha completato le prime tre onde di un impulso rialzista che crea l’onda C.

Una volta che il BTC scende sotto la sub-onda 1 a 31.928 dollari, il movimento verso l’alto sarà probabilmente finito. Dopo che l’onda C è stata completata, ci si aspetta un’altra mossa al ribasso.


Ci si aspetta che Bitcoin riprenda a salire fino a raggiungere la resistenza a 35.390 dollari e forse 39.130 dollari, prima di iniziare un altro movimento al ribasso.

Januar 27

Bullish sign for BTC? US banks start bashing bitcoin again

Bullish sign for BTC? US banks start bashing bitcoin again

Some US banks are starting to criticise Bitcoin again – even though many another has warmed to the asset over the past year.

Bitcoin’s notorious price swings are known to polarise. The asset, like most other cryptocurrencies, can move by several percentage points in a single day – a stomach-churning experience for those who use BTC as an „investment“ and are otherwise used to trading in pebbles.

Such movements may not affect the average crypto investor with Bitcoin Storm a total holding of less than $10,000. However, when that scale reaches millions of dollars, it is either risk-averse hedge funds or individuals who take the BTC plunge.

Last year, as BTC moved from under $4,000 to over $41,000, banks and financial institutions talked a lot about Bitcoin as a single macro hedge or even an alternative to gold.

Banks such as JPMorgan and Morgan Stanley (although known as Bitcoin sceptics) believe the asset class is likely to attract „hundreds of billions of dollars“ in the coming years.

Wealth management firm Fidelity estimates that family offices will eventually start buying and hoarding Bitcoin (Go to Buy Bitcoin Cheap Guide). And mutual fund giant MassMutual invested over $100 million in BTC last year, calling it a „first step“ towards possible future plans.

But despite the recent jubilation, some banks seem to be keeping their views on Bitcoin in line with the asset’s price movements: The recent price crash in recent weeks has led some banks to restart their bitcoin-bashing.

The FUD returns

According to a report released last week by Bank of America, Bitcoin remains an overvalued asset – the „most crowded trade“ in current times. The bank even says bitcoin is in a bigger „bubble“ than most tech stocks – which have had their own run in the last year, with electric car maker Tesla going from under $200 in 2019 to over $800.

Then came a survey commissioned by Deutsche Bank in which 90% of respondents said the „most extreme“ bubble was bitcoin, with 50% of all survey respondents giving it the maximum score of 10 on a scale of 1 to 10 for bubbles.

In terms of a long-term outlook, respondents said both Bitcoin (and stocks like Tesla) were more likely to halve in price than double.

Such outlooks came despite an expected 92% higher global inflation next year – a record high that Bitcoin is expected to hedge against – with 71% of respondents saying the US Federal Reserve will continue to print more money to allow markets to grow further.

The latest of these warnings came yesterday. Economists at UBS had told their clients that Bitcoin was not even a real currency. UBS economist Paul Donovan:

„People are unlikely to want to use something as a currency if they have absolutely no certainty about what they can buy with it tomorrow“

Januar 27

Bitcoin is no riskier than bonds or precious metals

Anthony Scaramucci: Bitcoin is no riskier than bonds or precious metals

Bitcoin has become a viable option for long-term investors seeking refuge from inflation, said Anthony Scaramucci of SkyBridge Capital

Anthony Scaramucci, founder of SkyBridge Capital and former White House communications director, believes Bitcoin’s (BTC) value proposition has strengthened significantly now that Crypto Revolt governments have addressed many of the risks associated with the digital asset.

In an editorial published on CNN, Scaramucci and fellow SkyBridge executive Brett Messing argue that Bitcoin has become a viable option for long-term investors seeking refuge from inflation. The authors also say that holding Bitcoin is much less risky today than it was a few years ago, when regulation and infrastructure were still underdeveloped.

Bitcoin’s growth, according to the article’s authors, has „caused the government and institutions to step in and address many of the risks associated with digital currency,“ referring to the Office of the Comptroller of Currency’s decision to allow banks to provide crypto services.

The two entrepreneurs continued:

„Increased regulation, improved infrastructure and access to financial institutions that hold investors‘ money, such as Fidelity, have made investing in Bitcoin as safe as owning bonds and commodities such as gold, which are also used to balance portfolios.“

SkyBridge Capital made headlines last month after filing an application with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission to start a hedge fund on Bitcoin.

The SkyBridge Bitcoin Fund LP was launched a few weeks later, with Fidelity providing custodian services and Ernst & Young handling the audit

SkyBridge invested in Bitcoin between November and December, managing to accumulate a large exposure to the digital asset before the most explosive phase of growth began. At the time of the fund’s launch on 4 January, SkyBridge said its exposure to BTC was worth about $310m.

In 2020 BTC grew 300%, and certainly institutional capital was one of the main catalysts for the rally, culminating in a new ATH near $42,000 on 8 January 2021. So-called „smart money“ investors are starting to see Bitcoin as a form of digital gold, but one that can appreciate much more than precious metals.

Januar 15

Deutsche Börse’s BTCE exchange-traded product has grown to the level of

The trading volume of the first Bitcoin-based exchange-traded product with central clearing, BTCetc Bitcoin Exchange Traded Crypto (BTCE), has risen to the level of popular European index funds. This was reported by the Financial Times.

During the first 11 days of January, the average daily turnover Crypto Bull of the instrument listed on Deutsche Börse was €57 million.

Bitcoin-ETP’s turnover is comparable to the popular iShares Global Clean Energy UCITS ETF (INRG) index fund and far exceeds that of the other 1,800 exchange-traded products on Deutsche Börse.

„The BTCE structure has increased the attractiveness of cryptocurrency investments for institutional investors who avoid unregulated platforms and non-traditional asset holding systems,“ said Deutsche Börse ETF segment head Stefan Kraus.

The exchange-traded product was issued by ETC Group, led by Bradley Duke.

„Institutions are actively adding bitcoin-based instruments to their portfolios to hedge the risk of devaluation of major currencies,“ Duke said.

On Wednesday, ETC Group floated bitcoin-backed exchange-traded notes (ETNs) denominated in dollars, pounds sterling and Swiss francs on the Swiss SIX.

VanEck and 21Shares also offer ETNs and ETPs on Deutsche Börse. The Swiss exchange lists 34 cryptocurrency exchange products from six issuers.

As a reminder, last October the UK Financial Services Authority banned the sale of cryptocurrency-based derivatives and exchange-traded notes to retail traders.

Januar 14

Divergence haussière, signal d’achat TD9 pour un nouveau rallye de secours Bitcoin

Le graphique Bitcoin sur 4 heures montre une divergence haussière et un achat de TD9, ce qui laisse espérer une hausse de l’aide.

Le prix du bitcoin (BTC) a fortement rebondi, passant de moins de 17 600 dollars à 18 400 dollars au cours des dernières 24 heures. Aujourd’hui, deux indicateurs techniques majeurs signalent la probabilité d’un plus grand rallye de secours.

Le graphique du prix de Bitcoin Bank sur 4 heures montre une divergence haussière tout comme il imprime un signal d’achat TD9. Ces deux indicateurs s’allument généralement lorsqu’un actif connaît une forte baisse et que la pression de vente s’épuise.

La vente de Bitcoin pourrait s’essouffler

La divergence haussière sur 4 heures et le signal d’achat TD9 sont conceptuellement similaires dans la mesure où ils apparaissent après une forte correction.

Une divergence haussière est un schéma technique qui tourne autour de l’indice de force relative (RSI). Le RSI est un indicateur de momentum qui évalue si un actif est suracheté ou survendu.

Le RSI a une échelle de 0 à 100 ; moins de 35 signifie qu’un actif est survendu et plus de 75 signifie qu’un actif est suracheté. Si le RSI tombe en dessous de 35 et qu’il commence à se redresser avec un actif, une divergence haussière apparaît.

Scott Melker, un trader de cryptocurrences, a déclaré que le graphique du prix de Bitcoin sur 4 heures montrait une divergence haussière alors que le prix se remettait au-dessus de 18 150 $. Il a déclaré :

„Nous savons tous que nous avons une belle divergence haussière confirmée de survente avec le RSI. Le RSI pousse actuellement contre une résistance descendante. S’il passe, le prix devrait suivre. Je n’ai pas l’intention de fermer mon position longue pour l’instant.“
Comme Cointelegraph l’a déjà signalé, Bitcoin a subi une forte pression à la vente de la part des baleines et des mineurs au cours de la semaine dernière. En conséquence, le prix BTC a fortement chuté au cours des deux derniers jours, entraînant une forte survente sur des périodes plus courtes, par exemple sur le graphique de 4 heures.

Un trader pseudonyme connu sous le nom de „CryptoISO“ a souligné que le signal d’achat du TD9 est indicatif d’une vente excessive.

Le TD9, abréviation de Tom Demark 9, est un indicateur qui mesure également si un actif est suracheté ou survendu, comme le RSI. Un signal d’achat TD9 apparaît lorsque les neuf dernières bougies sont toutes inférieures aux quatre bougies précédentes.

Par exemple, disons que le prix de Bitcoin a été inférieur à 19 000 dollars au cours des 36 dernières heures. Si la bougie de 4 heures qui a fermé il y a 52 heures était supérieure à 19 000 $, elle allumerait un signal d’achat TD9.

La combinaison de la divergence haussière de 4 heures et du signal d’achat TD9 indique que Bitcoin a été fortement sur-vendu au cours des trois derniers jours.

Quelle est la prochaine étape ?

Comme l’a rapporté Cointelegraph, les groupes de baleines montrent 17 170 $ et 17 700 $ comme niveaux de soutien majeurs. Par conséquent, tant que Bitcoin reste stable au-dessus de ces deux niveaux, les chances d’une reprise continue restent élevées.

Un autre facteur haussier au-dessus des deux niveaux de soutien des groupes de baleines est l’offre croissante de Tether (USDT), dont la capitalisation boursière avoisine maintenant les 20 milliards de dollars.

Sur les principales bourses de Bitcoin, comme Binance par exemple, les investisseurs stockent souvent les capitaux mis de côté en USDT plutôt qu’en espèces, car cela leur permet de reprendre rapidement des positions. L’augmentation continue de l’offre en USDT est un signe positif de la confiance croissante envers Bitcoin.

Dezember 24

The price of Bitcoin rose on Tuesday, after it was learned that the U.S. Congress approved a $900 million stimulus package.

Bitcoin’s price peaked above $23,500 on Dec. 22 when Monday’s weakness changed to see bullish players defy previous levels.

After falling to $21,800 on Monday, the markets set a different tone on Tuesday. The price of Bitcoin rose just over 5%. Adding $1,200 in just six hours.

The macro factors combined to support BTC’s request. With the US Congress passing a Coronavirus stimulus bill worth $908 billion.

„Another $900 billion announcement for Bitcoin,“ summarized Tyler Winklevoss, co-founder of the Gemini exchange, after the vote.

Hope in the Price of Bitcoin

The data from the purchase orders showed that the selling pressure at USD 24,000 and the definite resistance at USD 25,000 were maintained. This somewhat discouraged the prospects of a stronger rebound to new historical highs.

Right now, according to our online crypto tool Bitcoin is trading at USD 23,485. This is an increase of 2.80% at the time of writing. However, some analysts expect the price of Bitcoin to continue rising.

Ripple’s CEO warns that the SEC may sue the company for the sales of XRP

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) intends to sue Ripple for the sale of XRP. CEO Brad Garlinghouse said Monday.

According to Fortune, the lawsuit will be filed in the near future, although a specific date has not yet been provided. Ripple’s co-founder, Chris Larsen, and Garlinghouse will be the defendants along with the firm. Garlinghouse said.

„This is an attack on the entire American cryptography and innovation industry,“ Brad Garlinghouse said in an e-mail statement.

Huobi plans to return to the U.S. after ceasing operations in 2019

Huobi Group, the company behind the large Huobi cryptoexchange, is apparently planning to return to the United States with a new license obtained from local regulators.

After ceasing operations in the United States at the end of 2019, Huobi appears to be interested in opening a trust company in the country.

According to a December 22 announcement by Huobi Technology Holdings, Huobi Trust, incorporated in Nevada, has received a trust company license from the Financial Institutions Division of the Nevada Department of Business and Industry.

Lan Jianzhong, CEO of Huobi, noted that Huobi Trust has not yet begun providing any related fiduciary services. „Shareholders and potential investors are advised to exercise caution when trading in the company’s shares,“ Jianzhong wrote in the announcement.

Bitcoin and crypto mining company Riot Blockchain buys 15,000 Bitmain Antminers

Riot Blockchain, a Nasdaq-listed crypto-mining company, has closed another deal with Chinese mining giant Bitmain to buy 15,000 Antminers.

According to a December 21 announcement, the Colorado-based company expects the new purchase to contribute a 65 percent increase in its total hash rate in Bitcoin mining.

The purchase cost Riot USD 35 million, comprising 3,000 S19 Pro Antminers and 12,000 S19j Pro Antminers. The company expects to receive and deploy the new miners from May 2021 until October 2021.

With the latest purchase, Riot further expands its total Bitmain mining equipment. Since the company has been receiving and regularly deploying new miners in 2020.

With the full deployment of more than 37,000 miners, Riot estimates that its total operational hash rate will increase from 2.3 EH/s to 3.8 EH/s, consuming about 120 megawatts of power.

Dezember 8

Bitcoin continua a lottare per raggiungere i massimi

Bitcoin continua a lottare per raggiungere i massimi di freschezza per tutto il tempo: Cosa dicono gli analisti

  • Bitcoin ha lottato per superare la regione di 19.000 dollari nel corso degli ultimi giorni e settimane, e la pressione delle vendite è stata significativa.
  • Fino a quando i tori non possono frantumare la regione della resistenza che inizia a 19.400 dollari, può continuare a vedere una prolungata fase di consolidamento
  • L’ultima chiusura settimanale della Cryptocurrency, tuttavia, è stata incredibilmente rialzista e ha segnato il più alto mai pubblicato dal crypto su molte borse.
  • Questo potrebbe rafforzare le sue prospettive a medio termine, ma ci sono ancora alcuni fattori ribassisti che lavorano contro di esso
  • Fino a quando Bitcoin non potrà utilizzare questa forza macro per superare i $19.400 e successivamente oltre i $19.800, potrebbe vedere un trading laterale prolungato

La Bitcoin e l’intero mercato BitQT dei crittografi sono stati colti in una fase di consolidamento prolungata nel corso degli ultimi giorni e settimane.

Il mercato aggregato dei crittografi sta lottando per guadagnare un po‘ di slancio. Questo può essere in gran parte dovuto all’incapacità della valuta crittografica di riferimento di superare i suoi massimi storici.

Dove l’intero trend di mercato a medio termine dipenderà probabilmente dal fatto che BTC possa fissare o meno nuovi massimi.

Un trader sta ora notando che c’è una forte possibilità che un serio rialzo sia imminente, dato che la forza dell’ultima chiusura settimanale della Cryptocasino probabilmente farà molta strada per dare un po‘ di slancio al mercato.
Bitcoin si consolida al di sopra del livello chiave di $19.000

Al momento di scrivere, Bitcoin si sta consolidando intorno alla regione a meno di 19.000 dollari. È qui che ha fatto trading negli ultimi giorni e settimane.

La pressione di vendita vista a 19.400 dollari ha impedito che si spostasse più in alto negli ultimi giorni, e questa è stata la prima resistenza chiave per il crypto prima della regione tra i 19.800 e i 20.000 dollari.

Commerciante: Il Macro Outlook di BTC è forte dopo la chiusura settimanale

Bitcoin ha appena postato la più alta chiusura settimanale di candele che abbia mai visto ieri, il che significa che un serio vantaggio potrebbe essere proprio dietro l’angolo per la crittovaluta.

Un analista ne ha parlato in un recente tweet, spiegando che ha indubbiamente incrementato le sue prospettive:

„BTC: ha raggiunto una chiusura settimanale di altissimo livello questo fine settimana su Bitstamp. Sembra che Coinbase abbia chiuso proprio al di sotto della chiusura settimanale del 2017. Così vicino ai 20.000$+“

Anche se ha ancora alcuni ostacoli importanti davanti a sé prima di poter fissare nuovi massimi di tutti i tempi, la forza che sta mostrando nei periodi di tempo più alti è incredibilmente rialzista.

Dezember 8

La vitalité du bitcoin atteint son plus haut niveau depuis 7 mois alors que les détenteurs à long terme liquident leurs positions

Les données récemment partagées par le fournisseur d’analyses Glassnode indiquent que les détenteurs à long terme liquident leurs positions sur Bitcoin, tout comme les mineurs.

Le volume des sorties de mineurs de la CTB a augmenté de près de 100 % au cours des dernières vingt-quatre heures.

Le flux des mineurs de la CTB s’élève à 96,8 %.

Glassnode a rapporté qu’au cours des dernières vingt-quatre heures, les mineurs de bitcoin ont augmenté le volume de sortie de CTB (MA de deux jours) de leur portefeuille d’un énorme 96,8 %, atteignant ainsi un nouveau record.

L’indice de vitalité des pièces de monnaie atteint son plus haut niveau depuis 7 mois

Glassnode a également fait connaître un autre indice en hausse. Selon le graphique, la vivacité des bitcoins (1 jour MA) a atteint son plus haut niveau depuis sept mois.

Glassnode explique ce que signifie une hausse de cet indice : lorsqu’il augmente, les détenteurs de long terme liquident leurs positions et il diminue lorsqu’ils obtiennent plus de bitcoin à hodler.

„La vivacité est définie comme le rapport entre la somme des jours-pièces détruits et la somme de tous les jours-pièces jamais créés. La vivacité augmente lorsque les détenteurs à long terme liquident leurs positions et elle diminue lorsqu’ils accumulent plus de bitcoin à hodler“.

Les sociétés cotées en bourse continuent d’accumuler des CTB

Malgré les données mentionnées ci-dessus, les grands acteurs institutionnels continuent d’acquérir des Bitcoin pour les stocker à long terme.

Comme U.Today l’a déjà signalé, Microstrategy, dirigé par Michael Saylor, a acquis un autre bloc de Bitcoin d’une valeur de 50 millions de dollars. Cela représente 2 574 Bitcoin à un taux moyen de 19 427 $ par BTC.

Le total des Bitcoins détenus par la société s’élève maintenant à 40 824 Bitcoins (acquis tout au long de l’année 2020).

La société a dépensé la somme colossale de 475 millions de dollars pour son pari massif sur les bitcoins afin d’éviter que ses réserves de liquidités ne diminuent, car le dollar américain perd de la valeur après que la masse monétaire américaine ait augmenté de 25 % cette année.

Grayscale a également accumulé activement des bitcoins et gère actuellement 12,6 milliards de dollars d’actifs cryptographiques.

November 23

Ether Wallet Endereços de carteira com mais de 1 ETH explodem para registrar altos

Atualmente, a corrida de touro bitcoin tem dominado as manchetes, mas o segundo maior criptograma também está mostrando alguns indicadores positivos. A carteira de éter aborda métricas que quebram recordes pode vir como dados bem-vindos para os efeitos de rede do mercado de criptográficos.

Com base nos dados adquiridos dos alertas Glassnode, o número total de endereços de carteiras de Éter (ETH) com pelo menos 1 ETH atingiu um recorde histórico em 19 de novembro. No momento da redação, o ETH está negociando acima de $505. Continua a desenvolver sua tendência ascendente que começou no início de novembro.

Curiosamente, usuários individuais podem criar múltiplos endereços de carteira, o que significa que o número de 1,17 milhões pode não mapear um 1:1 para o número de entidades ou usuários. Além de refletir o sentimento de alta no mercado em geral, este elevado número de portadores de Éteres pode refletir mais dois fatores. Primeiro, a popularidade das finanças descentralizadas (DeFi), e os tokens associados que utilizam a rede Ethereum.

Embora o valor de muitos dos tokens DeFi tenha levado uma grande surra quando comparado com suas corridas de touro anteriores, o valor total em dólares que está bloqueado no DeFi permanece atualmente em espantosos US$ 14,05 bilhões.

Além disso, a data atual de lançamento do Ethereum 2.0 Fase 0 está no momento definida para 1 de dezembro. Vitalik Buterin, o co-fundador do Ethereum, já encorajou anteriormente a comunidade dizendo-lhes que podem prever grandes melhorias na área de expansão e desenvolvimento de redes.

De acordo com relatórios anteriores, o preço atual do Ether representa principalmente uma alta de dois anos e meio. Assim, ele traz a moeda para um desempenho acumulado de Bitcoin em 2020.

November 12

Portfolio theory and Bitcoin: this is the risk-return profile

Cryptocurrencies like Ethereum Code scam belong in every portfolio. But what about their risk-return profile and how high is the correlation to traditional assets? Iconic Holding from Frankfurt has taken on this topic and written a report on it.

The following report comes from Iconic Holdingfrom Frankfurt, an asset manager who specializes in digital assets. The company was founded in 2017 by Patrick Lowry and Max Lautenschläger . In regular analyzes, they provide the necessary know-how to better understand digital assets.

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One of the fundamentals of portfolio theory is diversification, through which the risk – measured by the standard deviation – is to be minimized without reducing the expected return. Because every single asset class has its own risk-return profile, as can be seen in the graphic below.

The optimal investment would be located at the top left, i.e. a high expected return with a low standard deviation.

Normally, a riskier investment also delivers a higher expected return

Correlations are measured with the so-called correlation coefficient, which can be between +1 (perfectly positive) and -1 (perfectly negative). In terms of risk diversification, both values ​​are not desirable, as either the entire portfolio rises or falls with one event or half of the portfolio rises while the other half falls. Diversification is achieved above all by adding an asset that, ideally, does not show any correlation with other asset classes. The lower the correlation between the assets of a portfolio, the more risk that can be eliminated. A non-correlating asset is considered the holy grail of portfolio construction.

In the context of this article, the strategic asset allocation is assumed, not the tactical asset allocation. So it’s about a long-term breakdown into different asset classes and not about short-term earnings opportunities in certain industries or which asset manager is selected.

Correlations of traditional and alternative asset classes

First, let’s take a look at traditional asset classes such as stocks, bonds, commodities and real estate.

As can be seen in the top left quadrant, stocks correlate very positively with one another worldwide, so they are only suitable for risk diversification to a certain extent. Gold is very suitable for adding to an equity portfolio, but correlates relatively strongly with other commodities and real estate. Long-lived bonds in particular are ideal for diversifying into stocks, commodities and real estate.