Opening an account on BitLQ

BitLQ: how to register?
Opening an account on BitLQ takes just 3 minutes and is free for everyone. Below are the steps to follow to register and trade on this platform:

Account opening
Trading in demo account
Funding the BitLQ account
Adjustment of trading parameters and activation of auto-trading
Step 1: Account opening
Step 1: Account openingTo create a user account at BitLQ, you must first go here and fill in the registration form with the following information

First and last name
Once you have completed the registration form, you must click on “Register Now” to access your account.

Step 2: Demo Account Trading

Step 2: Demo Account TradingLike its competitors such as Bitcoin Trader and Bitcoin Evolution, the BitLQ software offers its customers a demo trading account. This free version is very important as it allows people to familiarize themselves with the software’s features. In addition, the trading simulator allows you to learn the basic trading techniques.

Step 3: Funding the BitLQ account
Step 3: BitLQ Account FundingOnce you have a basic knowledge of crypto trading, you can fund your BitLQ account. The minimum initial deposit is €250.

However, we suggest investing the smaller amount, as trading is a risky business. In the same vein, we advise you to invest an amount that you can bear the loss.

Step 4: Adjust trading parameters and activate auto-trading
Step 4: Adjusting trading parameters and enabling auto-tradingAs it is also the case with Bitcoin Era, depositing funds on this platform gives you the latitude to start trading. Thus, you need to adjust a number of trading parameters.

This will allow you to choose one of the currency pairs you want to trade. Here are the most popular ones:

And many more
After that, you have to determine the number of trades to be made per day, the Take Profit and Stop Loss limits. And the last thing to do will be to click on the “Enable auto-trading” button.

Main features of BitLQ

We’ve combed through the key features of BitLQ below:

Security and regulation
Similar to other crypto-bots like Bitcoin Loophole or Bitcoin Profit, the BitLQ site is affiliated with licensed brokers approved by financial institutions.

The security system of this software is satisfactory. In fact, it uses the SSL protocol to encrypt traders’ personal and banking data. This protocol makes it possible to thwart the malicious activities of hackers.