Stablecoin Pegged to CNH Now Listed on Huobi Exchange

• TCNH, a stablecoin pegged to offshore Chinese Yuan (CNH), is now available on Huobi and can be traded through the TCNH/USDT pair.
• Huobi is a leading crypto exchange with a cumulative trading volume of over $1.2 trillion since its launch in 2013.
• TCNH tokens can be minted directly through TCNH’s official website after being verified as an organization and are also available on other exchanges.

TCNH, Stablecoin Pegged to Offshore Chinese Yuan

The recently launched stablecoin TCNH is finally available on Huobi where users can trade it through the TCNH/USDT pair. The coin, which is pegged to offshore Chinese Yuan (CNH) allows organizations to mint their own token after verification from the official website of TCNH.

About Huobi

Huobi is a well-known cryptocurrency exchange platform that has seen its cumulative trading volume exceed $1.2 trillion since its launch in 2013. It provides secure and reliable crypto trading and digital asset management services for millions of users in over 130 countries/regions worldwide with customer service teams set up in Singapore, Japan, Korea, Brazil, Hong Kong SAR and other regions. Moreover, Huobi is currently seeking a license in Hong Kong which makes it stand out as a leader among cryptocurrency exchanges in terms of compliance and regulation – something that will benefit the utility and adoption of TCNH greatly.

Advantages of Trading with TCNH

TCNH tokens are deployed on TRON – one of the world’s fastest-growing public blockchains – making them highly accessible with low transaction costs & instant transfer speed for those looking for faster & easier ways to make transactions compared to traditional methods such as wire transfers or international payments. This makes trading with TCN extremely effective especially when dealing with large sums of money across various currencies within different countries or regions due to its low cost & quick transfer timeframes without having to worry about currency fluctuation risk associated with fiat currencies like USD or EUR etc..

Minting & Acquiring Tokens

Organizations are able to mint their own tokens by verifying themselves on the official website of TCN while individuals may acquire these tokens via crypto trading pairs offered by various exchanges including Huobi mentioned earlier above which supports this currency pair allowing people access more easily than ever before given its global availability & support from multiple platforms like TRON blockchain etc..


In conclusion, it looks like there are many advantages that come along with launching your own tokenized fiat currency such as CNH-pegged stablecoin called “TCN” which includes lower transaction costs plus faster transfer speeds than traditional methods whilst also providing more control over how you manage your finances when dealing internationally compared against volatile markets like cryptocurrencies where prices fluctuate wildly each day due too speculation & market sentiment etc…